What Does Warehousing Logistics Do?

Warehousing Logistics is the active backstage presence that handles the shipping, receiving, storage, and distribution for our partner companies. Companies come to us for their warehousing and fulfillment when space is limited. In the case of our e-commerce partners, we act as their primary storage facility and distribution center.

Our two operational facilities are Maple Grove, MN, and East Stroudsburg, PA. Want to learn more about who we are? Visit our About Us page or call 888-856-9340.

Your Partner in Warehousing & Order Fulfillment

Warehousing logistics partners with numerous brands at once to store, package, process, and ship orders. We act as a warehouse, 3PL, distribution center, and fulfillment center all at once.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce inventory occupies a large portion of our warehousing space. We currently work with numerous e-commerce brands and three local e-commerce companies. Our warehouses serve as a physical storage and handling facility for these virtual brands. 

Meet some of our local e-commerce partners – to name a few:

  • Pallet Rack Now sells pallet rack components like frames, beams, wire decks, and safety accessories. We stock all their products in our warehouses, packaging, and shipping orders as they come.
  • Shelf-Clips sells pallet rack safety clips and shelf clips online for customers looking to bolster their storage systems and meet safety standards. We stock all of Shelf-Clip’s inventory, processing, and shipping clips by the thousands!
  • Cantilever Rack Now is our third and final e-commerce partner that offers cantilever racking for sale. We stock cantilever arms, bases, columns, and accessories for this company and facilitate order fulfillment and shipping.

3PL Warehousing & Distribution

Companies with physical locations sometimes need extra room for their storage and fulfillment processes. We work with companies like AK Material Handling Systems that require a significant amount of rented storage space on top of their own warehouses.

Companies handling massive (often irregular) orders may experience fluctuating storage needs – including the need for additional warehousing and logistics services. We are prepared to handle long-term 3PL storage or large orders that arrive one day and are packed and shipped out the next.

We take pride in helping customers facilitate their storage and shipping so they can focus on what’s most important – running their business and winning orders!

Wholesale Fulfillment

Finally, we partner with wholesale distributors who sell through designated dealers nationwide. Companies like McMaster-Carr, Amazon, Uline, Grainger, Global Industrial, and Fastenal are on the list of dealers receiving ongoing orders through our wholesale partners. 

This continued business model requires a long-term partnership and the ability to adapt to changing storage needs as clients demand.

What Sets Us Apart?

Warehousing Logistics provides timely and accurate order fulfillment, ensuring products arrive swiftly and in tip-top condition. We take pride in our work and handle all products cautiously and with care. 

We take every concern seriously and work hard to meet the requests of our partners. Open, honest communication is a keystone of our business that has contributed significantly to our success and great relationships with partners. If you want to learn more about our company, call 888-856-9340 or fill out an online contact form today!