About Us

Warehousing Logistics is a shipping & fulfillment company based in the United States. Our two central locations in MN and PA allow a more extensive reach across the US. 

Since 1988 we’ve been helping customers with their warehousing, shipping, and fulfillment needs, conducting the logistical side of warehousing with ease and efficiency. We work within our customers’ time frame to maximize their profit and success.

From e-commerce to wholesale distribution companies, we bolster client business operations and make warehousing work.

Learn more about warehousing and logistics and what differentiates the two. Let Warehousing Logistics take on your shipping & fulfillment needs! Contact us here to get in touch.

About Us

What Makes Warehousing Logistics Stand Out?

Quality Guarantee 

At Warehousing Logistics, we are committed to quality in all our endeavors. Whether we assist in transporting or warehousing your products, we ensure a job well done. Safety and efficiency are our priorities which is why we pay meticulous attention to safe packing and handling practices.

Scope of Services

Warehousing Logistics offers a vast array of logistics and 3PL services, including shipping, warehousing, relocation, and more. We can help connect you with quality material handling products. Our partnerships with top-level vendors around the nation give us the unique ability to connect you to the services you need making it simple for you.

Customer-First Disposition

We operate around the needs of our customers. Our primary objective is to see customers satisfied with our services, and we are confident that our experienced Warehousing Logistics team can solve your warehousing and transportation dilemmas. 

Contact Us

To get in touch with one of our Warehousing Logistics representatives, call 888-856-9340 today! We look forward to assisting you in your business endeavors.